Who we are?

NOWHEY Mylk are a Lisbon based producer of fresh quality plant based mylks. The company is founder by Danish born serial-entrepreneur Claus Rosenberg Gotthard, who in spring 2017 turned to a whole plant based diet and in the summer of 2018 relocated to Lisbon.

“The one thing I am most happy about in my WPBD is leaving Dairy out, and at the same time it’s the area where I wish there were more and better quality option, which is why I decided to develop NoWHEY Mylk”

We are still putting our team together and are looking for hungry and driven people to join our team - if you believe you can contribute to our mission please get in touch by sending us a message

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We have some values to share!

Making your life better

Whether you are here because you are vegan or looking to substitute your dairy with a plant based alternative we can agree, that dairy and milk from cows have no place in our body and dietary system.

We are on a mission to daily produce and deliver fresh plant based mylks to consumers and businesses in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

Our vision is to become Portugal’s leading provider of fresh plant based mylks and establish market share in other European markets.

Health benefits of Mylk

Our mylk relies only on our nut’s natural fat to give it it’s delicious taste. With no sugar or other additives, it’s one of the healthiest changes you can make to your diet! Its high nut content means that you get more nutrients, and it's also a natural source of protein which will help you nurture those healthy muscles and bones, making it the perfect post-workout pick-me-up!

What's more? NoWHEY Mylk:
- Is rich in vitamins, minerals and GOOD fats
- Doesn’t have cholesterol
- Is perfect for any diet
- Is ideal for people with a slow digestive system

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